Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Barges,FishTraps,Nets & Mega Fishing Boats"

Have to watch out for these Tugs towing these Barges!
Night & Day you come across them in Indonesia
Travelling to all countries including Australia!
Wood, Steel, Parts, You name it they tow it!
Then you have the Fish Traps," Some Ya See, Some You Don't"
They are Large Bamboo Traps Drifting under the water! some with bamboo sticks
above water & some with bouys,"If your Lucky"
We Have run over a couple of nets at night and lucky enough not to get caught up!

Just Cut The Engines & Pray!!!
Sometimes they are a couple of miles long attached to the front of these big fishing boats!
so we have changed course a few times and gone around the stern of the boats.
Had a net wrapped around the anchor chain one night, as the local fishermen like to set nets
around the boats at night because they attract fish! That was a drama! We eventually freed it!
One boat was sideswiped while on anchor by one of these barges! Another Got caught on a
reef! & One elderly gentleman French Captain lost three fingers in the Windlass! had them
amputated and died of a heart attack the next day!
"Nothing Like Living The Dream"!!!!!!!

"Kumai River Mouth"

On the way to Kumai River we stopped at this anchorage as we had just
sailed for two nights & days and were a bit buggered! So we decided we would
have a bit of a break and head down to the Kumai River the next day as the
track into it is very shallow and we had to stay on an exact course! This was
a beautiful spot! A fantastic beach that went on forever and super calm!
The local fishermen sold us some udang scoop and about eight mud crabs!
for next to nothing! So we kept them for the next night when we arrived at
the Kumai River anchorage! When we had an awesome stuff your face night
with some friends from some other boats!!!!!
Stopped here on the way out as well as it was so great!!! "Beautifull Spot"

"Cayenne & Murrundi"  in the background We have been travelling with John & Barb throughout

Udang Scoop "Like Morton Bay Bugs"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Lombok Kites"

Had a kite festival while we were over there!
All hand made and Painted! Clever people these Indonesians!!

"Jenn & Phils Villa Sanur"

Had a great four days staying with jenn & Phil
at their new villa! It was great to catch up. Beautifull place, great location!
Jenn was busy giving it her touch! Jenn and I went plant shopping!
"What's New"and of course had a few massages!!!!

"Medana Bay Marina Lombock"

Stayed at a great marina on "Lombock"
Unusual floating dock, beautiful beach and close to everything.
Left "Cayenne" here for four days and took the fast ferry with all the young drunk aussie bogans!
to stay with Jenn & Phil in their great new Villa!

The owners Peter & Ache were very helpful and accommodating! They put on some great dinners
for us and a great Jazz night on the beach for all The Sail Indonesia Group!

"Volcanic Craters "Mausembe"

Went to see the Famous Three Coloured Lakes at Kelimutu,
Took about three & a half hours in the car to get there! Was so high up it was cold!

Only time i wish that I took a jacket!! Great colours in the lakes,
Changing every year!
Great rainforest at the bottom of the mountain! Long walk up!!
"Captain Guy" refused to carry me down!!