Monday, August 5, 2013

"Home James Bath The Goldfish"

Thats what my mother used to say!

Just an update on whats happening!
Looks like we will be on our way home soon! We have Joe and his crew arriving in Panama on the 7th of August!
We meet Joe when i had my accident with my hand in Cuba!
So have been busy preparing "Cayenne"for the passage back!
"Captain Joe"delivers and trains people on these Leopard Cats so he knows
them inside out, so we are really pleased that he will bring her home!
"Captain Guy"and I will spend a couple of days sorting out a few final things
with them before we head home! We want to get "Cayeene"home this year and
she needs to be home by Late October early November!
We are thinking of joining them on the last leg to Darwin!

"So i'm looking forward to seeing all the family soon"

And especially my darling granddaughter "Tahneel" I will even make
it home for her first birthday! I'm Excited!!!!

Keep Ya Posted!

LOL "Captain Guy"and The One Handed Sea Witch! 

"Foxy Lady II"

Hi Workers!!
 "Foxy Lady II" came over to the Las Perlas Islands for a few days with us,
before heading off to Brisbane!
We meet Phil,Myra,and Diana back at Shelter Bay Marina before coming
through the Panama Canal!
Glad to hear you guys arrived at the Galapagos Islands Safely!
and that you were heading off on the next leg to the Marquesis!
We have been watching your weather and thinking of you!
Safe sailing and we hope to catch up again! in Aussie!
Take care "Captain Guy" and the One Handed Sea Witch! Cath xxx

"Everbody wants a finger like mine!"

"Super sailor Diana"

"Foxy Lady II" Hunter 49

Friday, August 2, 2013

"Beautifull Sunsets At Las Perlas"

Have seen some great sunsets! and mega storm fronts! Not all smooth sailing!

"Las Perlas Islands"

Hi Everybody!
Took of to the Las Perlas Islands
which is about 35 nautical miles from Panama. Had about ten days relaxing
and having a look at the islands.There is about two hundred islands in the
Archipelago of Las Perlas, not all are inhabited some are really small and
some are privately owned by the super rich! Nearly all have these beautiful
little beaches! Lots of sailing boats over here just cruising around! Some
you can anchor up close and take the dingy in to shore, others its a little
difficult due to the reefs. We moored at one of the larger ones called "Isla Contadora"
and just cruised around some of the others! You could spend months here
so many to see! Lots of Whales on the way over! Kept telling "Captain Guy"
not to get too close! That would have made my day running into one!
"Captain Guy"hooked onto a sailfish on the way over it launched three
times out of the water then took the rig! Just as well we probably would have
speared the dingy with it! Caught a lot of other fish trawling on the way over!
Got caught again in a kick ass lighting storm again one night while on a mooring
at Contadora! We were close to shore not far from a huge communications tower
We called it the "The Tower Of Death"as it was struck a half a dozen times during the
night! Was like daylight for about three hours! I hid in the main cabin with a rug over me!
All worth it seeing a had the chance to stuff my face with lobsters that the locals
catch! They just pull up to the boat and for a few dollars and a can of beer each
there happy! Down side is i had the shit"s!! but I'm still eating them!!!

Lol Cath xxx
"Captain Guy" hard at it!

Hard at work watching my undies dry!

Beach at Contadora!

Isla Contadora!

My Lobster Boys!

What a Dag!

Isla Chapera where "Survivor the TV series was filmed!

Isla Chapera! 

Quite often had to swim out to our dighy! as "Captain Guy" had a few beers!


 Piccy"s of cruising around the islands!