Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Balboa Yacht Club"

Hi Everbody! 

Here's a few piccy's of where we are at the moment!

We are swing moored outside the "Balboa Yacht Club" in Panama!
Just chilling out for a few days before we head over to the "Last Perlas Islands"
which are only 50 nautical miles from here! They are supposed to be very pretty!
 and lot"s of secluded beaches only about two hundred of them!
It will be nice to kick back! "IT"S A HARD LIFE!" 
Lol Cath xxx

Bridge of America's next to us.

"Cayenne" in the middle.

Ships still passing close by as we aren't very far from Miraflores Lock.

No need to get the dingy down here you just call the dock up and they pick you up!

Jetty and Resturants on the waterfront.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

" Last Locks "Miraflores"

Travel on a short distance to the last set of locks!
 Last two set's of locks here then we come out into the "Pacific Ocean"

"Whoo Who" Been there done that! Cross that off the bucket list!

Bad new's is only eight thousand nautical miles two go!

We will worry about that tomorrow!

Let off  a few rounds of my air horn! (Too close to my ear i might add)

And cracked open some beers!

"Cayenne did the Panama Canal"

Lol Cath xxx

Entering Miraflores Locks

Gates Closing behind us!

Ready to go down!

Down we go!

Into Last Lock!

Line Handlers walking us into the final locks!

Passing the final lock gates!

Tourists getting a good photo shot!

Down we go into the Pacific Ocean!

"Pedro Miguel Locks"

Gatun Lake
So we get woken at 6.30am Sat morning by the pilot boat
dropping off our new pilot "Ricky"and off we go travelling down
the canal for about three hours to the next set of locks "Pedro Miguel Locks"
Gatun Lake was surrounded by tropical rainforest as it is untouched!
Really pretty lots of huge flowering trees, no one lives along the canal.
All the while we have these huge ships passing us on the port side
heading the opposite way! Don't think we will ever see anything like
that again! In Aussie they would never allow you to be so close!
Had some rocking wakes! This time as we approached about 11am
we only rafted up to "Paje" as "Cleo's Angel had already gone through ahead of us!
Had a lull in the traffic as this time we had no monster cargo ships in with us!
If your not ready for transit or if any ships or sailing vessels have engine trouble, they go without
you! So in we go again, but this time like the next lock it's downsizing!
One lock this time!
Which was less turbulent than upsizing! Pretty amazing when they shut
the huge gates!

Culebra Cut is the Canals narrowest part!


Locks just pass the bridge!

Us three cats on our way down!

Ship entering before us!

Rafted up to "Paje"

Entering the locks!

Gates closed!

Going down!

And down!

Travelling down Gatun Lake!

Standley Ricky and Pilot "Ricky" on the right!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Gatun Locks"


Just before we reach the locks we raft up!
There's one huge Monster Cargo Ship already upfront!
The locks are 110 feet wide and 80 feet deep!
Gatun is three sets of locks each uplifting 50 feet!
In we go the three of us with not much room to spare
on either side! Ropes are thrown down either side to
the line handlers so they can steady the boats as the water rises!
Meanwhile Page in the middle has to use his engines to keep
us off the walls! (With a little help from "CAPTAIN GUY" i might add!)
And so the Gates Close! Three times we do this and by the time we
exit the lock it's about 7pm and then we enter the Gatun Lake and
moor up to this huge mooring with another monohull to stay overnight
to do the last two locks the next day! The Lake is huge! Cannot anchor there
as it was a huge valley they just flooded! It took four years to fill and they use
the gravity of the water to fill the locks! The lake is 80 kilometres from Gatun
to the last lock Miraflores! So Carlos get's picked up by a pilot boat! and
we are advised that tomorrow's a six thirty start!
First Lock Closed! Full! Another Ship Waiting!

Each ship has four trains either side with attached cables to keep them off the wall!

Coming into the entrance of Gatun Locks! Cargo ship moving in first!


Looking back over first Lock!

Full up!

Standley attaching the lines! It's a long way up!

Lock Gates Closed!

Line Handlers up top getting the ropes into position!

Number two Lock Full!

Third and final lock!

Lock gates closed!

Trains that keep the ships off the wall!