Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Beautifull Passionfruit Flowers"

 Went To This Park in FLORIDA called BUTTERFLY WORLD"
The largest butterfly park in the world!
Had every known Passionfruit Vines in the World really stunning! They grow
them for the butterflies as they love to feed off the pollen its one of there favorites!
Thousands of butterflies and lots of birdlife was well worth seeing!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Caloosa Cove Marina"

This was a little Marina along the Keys that we stayed overnight, next to one of the huge bridges
that connect the keys. We pulled in here and had to moor up to the dock as they didn't have a
mooring space big enough for us! Quite liitle place was able to use the time share hotels pool
next door which was great!

 Lol Cath xxx

"Dear Old Jack"

Lost Dear Old "Jack"
last week a big thankyou to Danni and Ben for looking after him! Im sorry that i wasn't
able to take him in! Not an easy thing to do! He's been a good dog! I will miss him very much!

PS. I see Cody has a new Playmate!

Love to you both Cath xxx

Here's double trouble!

"Watch Out For Water Spouts"

"Captain Guy" forgot to tell me about the Water Spouts!!

Anything else i need to know! and i wonder why i'm stressed! at times!

These water sprouts were landing in the distance late one afternoon as we were anchored! along the keys!
At one stage there was one landed two forming!

"Awesome Sight"

Any closer and i was going to hide in the front locker !!

                   LOL CATH xxx

"Beautifull Sunsets Travelling Down The Florida Keys"

"Have had some stunning sunsets when anchored at the end of the day!
"A lot like Darwin!"
The Big Bridges in the background go for miles and connect all the Keys!

"Captain Guy Up The Mast"

Here's  "Captain Guy"
up the Stay fixing the radio
antenna just before we left Fort Lauderdale!

"Captain Guy Looked a bit Worried"

It's a long way up 63 Feet!

Washing Day!

"Arrived At Key West"

Sunset at Anchor Key West
Cayeene anchored Key West Harbour

Conch Harbour Marina

Key West Waterfront Party Central!

Entering the Harbour

On the way into the Harbour
Dingy Dock
Hi Everyone!
Finally in a wifi spot to post some photos!
Captain Guy and i are now down at the very end of the Florida Keys at Key West!
Waiting for the weather and wind conditions to improve so we can check out of
America by rounding the Cuban coastline through the Yucatan Channel and head
straight to Panama Canal. The Yacatan Channel has strong currents and a lot of shipping traffic
so we are waiting for the right weather window! Had a good trip down the Florida Keys although
the wind was a bit head on and difficult at some stages! Cayenne and Captain Guy have performed
well! The first mate Shits her self sometimes and would like to hide under the bunk! but she's
getting there! A lot to learn and take in and we are being careful as we are getting used to how
Cayenne handles! Key West is like party central! and if we weren't so stuffed at night we would
join in! Funny feeling getting off the boat anybody would think you have had a few drinks as
your swaying all the time! Have been anchoring out in the harbour but come in for a few days
to Conch Harbour Marina, Captain Guys finishing the set up of the ssb radio and sail mail!
Besides the other night we had thirty knot winds gusting and at one o'clock in the morning
the anchor lifted and we started drifting! Not a good look up on deck on the electric winch lifting
the anchor to reset in your undies and headlight!! All good fun NOT!!!
Love to you all! Keep Ya Posted!
Cath xxx

On the way into the Harbour

Friday, May 10, 2013

"For Little Tahneel"

Dear Little Tahneel!
Nanna brought this for you the other day and i'm going to bring
it back on the boat for you! A rocking horse! It will
drive Mum and Dad mad! cause it opens its mouth whinny's and
flicks its tail! But we don't mind!
Love to you
Nanna Cath
LOTS of CUDDLES when Nanna gets Home!!!!
(PS don't you let Nanna Theresa teach you any bad habits!!) 

Thursday, May 9, 2013


These crabs!
Have holes all along the boardwalks next to the boats! They crawl up the pylons
next to the boats!

"Moral of the story is"
don't walk on the grass at night when you go down to the showers!!!

May have to send "CAPTAIN GUY" out to hunt them shortly for food!!!

LOL Cath xxx