Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Inside Photos of Cayeene"

"CAPTAIN GUY" with all his stuff over my table!!!
"Heres some photos of inside "CAYENNE"

Still busy at the marina doing installs have four guys connecting radios and
electronics today! Crap everywhere!
"CAPTAIN GUY"is fiddling with his "BABY"

Its Saturday here the 27th! One month down! Where's that month gone!
If i have to go into another Marine Store I'm going to be ill!! Guy has
prices on engines for you Phil! He will email them to you.

Had a sad week with Gayle passing! Not fun when your so far away!
I will miss her! but she's in good hands! Still here next week, water maker
should be here anyday! Funny feeling when you get off the boat! Everything
is still moving and rocking! I suppose we will get used to it!!!!
"YIPPEE" theres a trailer park up the road, i thought at one stage we might
just park her up there !!!!

Main Bathroom
Main Cabin  (look I'm slack don't even make the bed)

Third Cabin with single up front

Second Cabin

Kitchen/Nav Station

View from second cabin
Second Bathroom

View from main Cabin

"Lost a special friend"

Sad news the other day!

Lost a very special Lifetime Friend! Gayle put up a good fight! Never gave up!

Will miss your company Gayle!

But you will always be in my thoughts!


Im sorry I'm so far away Bron! But always thinking of you!

Big Hugs and Kisses to you!!!!

LOL Cath xxxxxx

Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Watched our first movie the other night!
Thanks for loading the WD AWESOME!
You and Danni have a good break in Bali! May be your last!
LOL Mum xxxx
"Typical Ben"



Heres Jules again always in the Photo!
Here"s Double Trouble"
"Have you got it yet Tiff?
"Miss your Burps Jill"

"Frankie Noodle & The Feral"

"Harbour Town Marina " Dania Beach Ft Lauderdale"

Hi Everbody
I Hope everybodys working hard!

Are having a busy time fitting out the boat ready for when we shoot over
to the Balhamas which is only a days sail from here!
Captain Guy has been busy adding all his extras on to the boat! We will probably
Sink! on the way over there! He has been servicing the engines and a water maker
and radios are being installed. Great weather over here! warm but really mild days
a change to Darwin. Cayennes very comfortable to live aboard, I have a waterbed
as you get a bit of movement, and no Ben its not because of other movements!!!
We are parked next to all these super yachts and they come and go all the time.
Have enjoyed waking up in the morning really still and calm. I have to pinch myself
as i think wow! we did this what idiots! here we are in America. Have met some Captains
that have given us Great maps and advise of where to go in the Balhamas which is great!
The Marina people are really friendly and love to pass on tricks and tips! Still practicing
my rope knots ,Captain Guy is really particular and i will have to seriously think about
replacing him with some young island guys in the near future!! We are looking forward
to heading off some time next week but the fit out has to be done here as it is a bit of a Hassall!
in the Balhamas!
Love To You All! always thinking of you!
Keep Ya Posted!
Captain Guy & First Mate Cath
(That will change give us a couple of months!)
Few Boats in the shed next to us!
Here's one for you Tim!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Here"s some piccys of
Fort Lauderdale where we stayed for two weeks"
Lovely mexican place a little different! Owners Christy and Mark were artists!!


On another Note!
I miss my Beautifull Grandaughter!
So much like dad!


These would have to be a couple of my Favorite Photos!

"Good on ya Jess keep those photos coming!"
Lol Cath xxx

Finally After All The Planning!

Hi everybody
What a hectic Three weeks or so in the USA! Was so many boats over here to look
at, it was hard to choose but we opted for "Cayeene" for the reason that she is only
one year old and had a lot of gear on her that Guy wanted! At the moment she is in
Harbour Town Marina which is near Fort Lauderdale.
Having her hauled out to have her bottom painted and engines serviced as to
"Captain Guys" instructions! Also having her name signwrited on both sides
of her bow with a few chille's thrown in as well! Cayenne meaning hot stuff like me!!
Hopefully we will be on her by Friday we have unpacked all the gear we brought
over with us which arrived safely! So the next couple of weeks will be spent fitting
out the boat with what else "Captain Guy"wants on the boat! If!! we have any dough
left! Then we plan to go over to the Bahamas to get used to our baby! and go from there!
Took the boat out for the first time by ourselves on Wed, was supposed to be an easy day
to get used to her and practice parking her at the marina! Turns out we had to move her
three times! Guy handled her really well! I had extreme trouble lassoing the Bollards!!
I now have a piece of rope that "Captain Guy" has given to me and i have to practice
my knots! I thought this was supposed to be relaxing! We have been stuffed at night!
That will all change soon once we get her sorted!!
Shall Keep Ya Posted!!!
LOL Cath and Guy xx