Monday, December 30, 2013

"Tipperary Waters Marina"

Home is now at Tipperary Waters
while the Wet Season is in full swing!
"Captain Guy"is being anal and going over her with a fine tooth comb! and adding all his bits and piece's ready for the next big adventure in the dry! Meanwhile we will do some cruising around the harbour!


Here's a couple of piccys of all of us at sunset the day before we arrived back in "DARWIN"
 A "BIG"thank you to "Captain Joe"& Jen" for bringing "Cayenne"all the way across the
Pacific Ocean back home to Darwin! Thankyou for looking after her!!
Also to some other special people involved!
Thanks Gerry for all your weather updates! and of course his better half Sharon!
Sam (my kitchen bitch!!) When are you and Silvia coming over?
Nicole and Carl and CJ,
Can't thank you all enough!
"Happy Sailing to all of you"

Saturday, December 28, 2013

"Beautifull Sunsets"Sunrise" Dead Calm"

Had some fantastic sunsets and sunrise's on the way home!
and really calm water! Lost the wind on the last two days into Darwin,
and had to turn on the engines! "Thats Mother Nature for You!"
She always has the last say!!

Flat as a Tack!

"TIM'S Black Marlin"

"Well Tim Finally caught One"

Tim was determined to catch a Sailfish on the way back into "DARWIN"
and he hooked onto a Black Marlin! A battle for about two and a half hours,
The last hour with a broken rod! Brought it right up close to the boat then it leapt out and
broke the braid on his line! What a fish! and what a battle for Both! We don't
know anyway how we would have got it onto the boat it was so big! and besides
there was a few tiger sharks waiting for the opportunity for a free feed every time
it came to the surface! So it was a great day for Tim and the Fish!!
"Thanks "TIM" for putting us three hours behind schedule" Tim had a big grin
on his face for the rest of the day!! BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!!!

Happy Days!

Thats the Shit!

"Last Leg!!! Thursday Island To Darwin"

Tim and I joined "Captain Joe"Jen and "Captain Guy"
on the last leg of the journey home from Thursday Island
0n Thursday 14th of November here's a few piccys!

Thursday Island Dock

Mooring field

Rigging the fishing lines!

At the Helm!

"Captain Joe and Jen"

"Captain Guy" Hard at work on the way home!

One buggered Hawk out in the middle of nowhere taking a break for a couple of hours!

"Whats for Tea "Captain Joe"

"Panama Canal Footage"

THANKS to Gerry for editing the Go Pro footage!
of "Cayenne" in transit through the Panama Canal!
One of those things you must put on your bucket list!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Land Lubbers"

"Well we are now Home in Darwin"

Bit different from begin on the water!
"CAYENNE" is on the way home in the capable hands of "Captain Joe"
and crew Early November is the date she will arrive back in Darwin!
Look forward to her coming home!
Safe travels to Joe and crew across the Pacific!
Heres a few photos Joe sent us of his new friends at Galapagos!

Monday, August 5, 2013

"Home James Bath The Goldfish"

Thats what my mother used to say!

Just an update on whats happening!
Looks like we will be on our way home soon! We have Joe and his crew arriving in Panama on the 7th of August!
We meet Joe when i had my accident with my hand in Cuba!
So have been busy preparing "Cayenne"for the passage back!
"Captain Joe"delivers and trains people on these Leopard Cats so he knows
them inside out, so we are really pleased that he will bring her home!
"Captain Guy"and I will spend a couple of days sorting out a few final things
with them before we head home! We want to get "Cayeene"home this year and
she needs to be home by Late October early November!
We are thinking of joining them on the last leg to Darwin!

"So i'm looking forward to seeing all the family soon"

And especially my darling granddaughter "Tahneel" I will even make
it home for her first birthday! I'm Excited!!!!

Keep Ya Posted!

LOL "Captain Guy"and The One Handed Sea Witch! 

"Foxy Lady II"

Hi Workers!!
 "Foxy Lady II" came over to the Las Perlas Islands for a few days with us,
before heading off to Brisbane!
We meet Phil,Myra,and Diana back at Shelter Bay Marina before coming
through the Panama Canal!
Glad to hear you guys arrived at the Galapagos Islands Safely!
and that you were heading off on the next leg to the Marquesis!
We have been watching your weather and thinking of you!
Safe sailing and we hope to catch up again! in Aussie!
Take care "Captain Guy" and the One Handed Sea Witch! Cath xxx

"Everbody wants a finger like mine!"

"Super sailor Diana"

"Foxy Lady II" Hunter 49

Friday, August 2, 2013

"Beautifull Sunsets At Las Perlas"

Have seen some great sunsets! and mega storm fronts! Not all smooth sailing!