Friday, September 11, 2015

"Not All Fun & Games"

"Captain Guy's" a slave driver!!!
Arrived at Rebak Island Marina to haul out "Cayenne" for some TLC &
Maintenance before Dani, Ben, & Sam rock up Boxing Day!!
For some Island Cruising!!                                          
Glad to get back in the water! Four Days before Xmas!!
She's had a birthday! Guy & I are stuffed!!!

"Coming into position for the travel lift"

"Up & Out"

"Just finished first coat of anti-foul! What a Dag"

"Old Prop"

"Going back in! All Polished Up"

"Captain Guy At Work"
"Work Done Yippee"

"New Prop"

Friday, September 4, 2015

"Straits Quay Marina Penang"

 We enjoyed our stay here!
  Great small marina but right in the centre of Penang!
  The marina is surrounded by a new shopping mall with lots
  Of restaurants and bars all around the boardwalks!
  Had to wear clothes while sitting on the back of the boat here!
  Lot's of people day and night checking out the boats and taking
  photo's! Lot"s of interesting buildings in the centre of Georgetown
  Penang has had a big modern facelift since we were here last visited
  With the boys many years ago! Being less than a month off Xmas they
  Had some great displays on the boardwalks!

"Penang Bridge"

 Coming into Penang we had to go under two Bridges,
 This is one of the longest man made bridges
 In the world!
 Thirteen and a Half Kilometers Long!
 Can't even see either end of it!
Always cross my fingers going under these bridges!
Have visions of the mast been wiped out!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

"Pangkor Island"

Stayed a few days at Pangkor Island Marina
Then Cruised around Pangkor staying at "Pasir Bogak Beach & Teluk Nipah Beach"
great little anchorages with lovely beaches. Were the local tourist attraction with jet skis, tourist boats canoes all checking us out! Hired a motorbike & went for a cruise around the Island 
through the tropical rain forests! Had to restrain myself from nicking all the orchids off the trees!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

"Port Dickson Marina"

Travelled down the "Malacca Straights" to Port Dickson Marina
There were two large ships a week before we left close to Singapore that
had attemped boardings but they managed to catch them!
Kept looking for "Johnny Depp" with my binoculars, I was waiting for him to get on board!
But no Show!!! Lot"s of large Black Police Ribs patrolling the straights!
They have a top speed of 35 knots!
Also The Malaysian Navy have a lot of ships in the area!
Had to push "Captain Guy"over the back to free a hession bag off the prop along the way,
& dodge mega nets and fish traps!

"Malaysian Navy checking us out"